After finishing the architecture and landscape of construction, the next step is to choose furniture with suitable materials which can combine harmoniously with the overall design of the building. Therefore, hiring the right interior design company is very important for any investor. LPC’s professional interior design department will be the perfect choice for you with big guarantee:

– Efficiency, cost-saving: We guarantee to create modern interior design which work efficiently with your house. Now you’re no longer to consider which kind of furniture’s material, size and color should be choosen for your house, your office or your building. We also help you to save a lot of money by choosing right furniture, because if you buy wrong one, you will have to replace after a short time using it.

– Aesthetics: In each interior design drawing from the LPC, you can completely satisfy with how we arrange the furniture, which helps you optiamally use the indoor space, makes the room look more spacious and luxurious. LPC’s designs are all guaranteed to be highly aesthetic and contain Feng Shui factors inside.

With relentless efforts of LPC’s architect team who are creative and experienced, we are step by step affirming our reputation in architechture and interior design consultancy market through service quality. We commit to deliver the best service experience to our valued customers the best service experience.


Khách sạn Vĩnh Cường - Vinh Cuong Hotel

Vinh Cuong Hotel

Project's architectural design was consulted by LPC

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Căn hộ Royal City - Royal City Apartment

Royal City Apartment

The project's interior design was consulted by LPC

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Nhà hàng Nhân Sushi - Nhan Sushi Restaurant

Nhan Sushi Restaurant

Luxurious Interior design in modern Japanese style

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Biệt thự Đặng Văn Ngữ - Dang Van Ngu Villa

Dang Van Ngu Villa

The project's interior design was consulted by LPC

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