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Lam Pham Construction Company Limited (Lam Pham Construction, or LPC) was established on 22 August 2007, is an enterprise specializing in design consultation, project planning and management, civil and industrial construction implementation in France and Vietnam. LPC is one of the leading construction companies which transfer and apply technology solutions from Europe on building and implementing construction in Vietnam, typically as Deltabeam – a profuct of Peikko Group from Findland, lighweight flooring solution – Ubot (Uboot Beton) from Italia.

From the first day until the end of 2011, LPC majorly worked on the side of structural design consultancy for large-scale industrial construction project in France. Being founded and developing with slogan “Responsive to change”, being guided by professional technical advisors who have many years of experience in large corporations of France, under the breakout leadership of the Board of directors, within 4 years of operation in this field, LPC had the opportunities to work with big projects in France such as Maison Radio France, 5-star Luxe hotel Sofitel Maroc, Lille Métropole Stadium Stadium, Mozart Tower, ect.

The big move from traditional methods to the appication of new technology solutions on construction has become worldwide trend of the construction industry. With far foresight, recognizing the development of environment-friendly solutions which still bring economic efficiency will become the future of the construction field in Vietnam, from 2012, LPC has signed an exclusive contract to transfer, market and sell technology products of Daliform Group (Italia) and Peikko Group (Findland). With these new-generation technological solutions, LPC has brought Vietnam’s Real Estate and Construction market new solutions which significantly reduce the cost and time, as well as solve limitations of traditional way of building, opening up new options for investors in Vietnam construction industry.

After many developing years with experiences of working in international and internal market, LPC has been building a brand image of a professional company with advanced technology for construction that meets European standards, we give the investors the most economical architecture, structure and implementation plans.

LPC – a potential human resource, a professional capacity, a high-visibility leadership, always be ready to expand co-operation with partners and desires to bring the long-term value to all customers.

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LPC’s mission is to become a company which can bring professional designing and implementing experiences as well as advanced technologies from international market to Vietnam, creating new choices for investors and solving the technical limitations of the traditional methods of construction.

Foreseeing the future trend of construction, LPC has leapfrogged in the field of green building materials, contributed to the community through the adoption and application of environment-friendly technologies, bringing community the opportunity to inherit the results of scientific improvement in their own lives.

core value

Responsive to change” – Always be ready to meet the changes. It is also our credo and promise to customers that LPC always improve the technology and apply the most modern techniques on construction industry, bring tremendous economic benefits to valued customers.

We’re more than a construction company, we’re along with you to create sustainable value together.

We commit our responsibilities of all construction projects, all customers and especially the environment we are living in, to contribute on developing a clean and green nature.


The proudest thing at LPC is that we has provided advanced solutions and quality technologies to all constructions we have joined in. We strive constantly to put our business signal in all projects by always responding different technical requirements and create sustainable quality, providing high-valued working results to the investers.


At LPC, safety in constructing and manufacturing is a key element to promote business, and also the first factor which should be strongly committed to our valued customers. We are proud of creating a professional working environment where all staffs have high sense and also involve in safety issues in a comprehensive manner. We are aware of our responsibilities to the community and commit to improve the health, safety and welfare of the people and the green nature we are living and working in.


LPC always strives to turn challenges into opportunities of creative solutions. The application and development of advanced technology solutions in construction is one of the things which shows that LPC always focuses on continuous innovation to bring more effective projects and sustainable value to customers.

Customer Focus

We believe that the success of any project depends on building a strong relationship with customers, which comes from a strong commitment of quality assurance and the establishment of common objectives, towards the best sustainable value.


At LPC, human resources is the key factor deciding our success in every step that we aim to. Every LPC’s staff is an important individual with a high sense of business, being trained incisevely with full knowledge of construction in France and Vietnam.

LPC’s human is a group of many architect and engineer masters graduated from prestigious universities of Construction and Architecture in France, such as Centre des Hautes Academy de la Construction Paris ( CHEC) – senior Construction Academy in Paris; French National University of construction – Ecole des Ponts et Chaussées Nationnale (ENPC); University of Architecture – Paris La Vilette, ect. They all are engineers with extensive knowledge and experiences in construction management, design consultation from large-scale projects in France including industrial zones, sport complexes, public buildings….

LPC also have architects and engineers graduated from famous universities in Vietnam including the University of Architecture, University of Transport, Building University, ect, who have many years experienced in the fields of design consultatncy and construction management in Vietnam.

About technical advisor, right from the very first days, LPC’s staffs has been trained and followed by construction experts who has more than 40-year-experience from the BOUYGUES Construction group (France). Currently, many experts from France, Italy and Vietnam have always accompanied in every step of  LPC.

But above all, people of LPC are the young and talent, have strong awareness of how important customer focusing is along their continuously creation at work. We challenge ourselves to excel and we also believe everyone in LPC has opportunities of long-term development and a bright future. We believe that the sincere and franky exchange among employees is essential point to reach effective work results.

From the beginning day until now, LPC has got a lot of valuable oppurtunities working work many big design and construction companies all pver the world such as Bouygues Construction (France), Daliform (Italia), Peikko Group (Findland), ect. In Vietnam, LPC has worked with many investors with many construction projects.