Peikko Group, founded in 1965, is a family owned company with headquarters in Lahti, Finland specializingin composite beams and fastening products for concrete connections.

Today, the group has offices in 30 countries in Europe, North America, and Middle East. The modern production facilities are located in Canada, China, Finland, Germany, Lithuania, Russia, Slovakia, United Arab Emir-ates, and United Kingdom.

Deltabeam  is  a  hollow  steel-concrete  composite beam  made  from  welded  steel  plates  with  holes every 30cm  in  the sides.  The cross-section of the Deltabeam is a trapezoidal. The  box  section  of  the  steel  beam  is  concreted  at site during construction.  After the concrete has hardened, Deltabeam acts as a uniform  load-bearing  structure.

Deltabeam can work together with all types of slabs such as hollow-core slabs, composite slabs, or in-situ concrete slabs… Thanks to the steel reinforcement bars placed inside, Deltabeamcanreach a 2 hour fire resistance withoutadditional fire protection.